Saturday, January 30, 2010

Craft Space

I think I am slowly but surely trying to be Alicia Paulson aka Posie Gets Cozy. I painted my room from lime green to light blue. I suddenly want to organize everything- including my yarn and needles. I am in the market for an armoire that I can refurbish to be my craft space, instead of dedicating an entire room to yarn. I am renovating my bathrooms myself, after five years of living here and hoping some day I would have the money to pay someone to do it. I just decided if I can knit a sweater, I can remove wallpaper.

Here is the Posie studio. So organized. I could never be that organized. But still, it's inspiration.


And here is my Featherweight that I would love to finish this weekend.


I'm really trying to get better at taking photos of my knitting. Do you have any tips? Maybe have someone hold the lighting close to the piece?

I love knitting the malabrigo laceweight. It's so nice. Especially on the Asciano needles.

The shop is closed today because of the snow, but it gives everyone a chance to sit at home by the fire and work on projects.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Designer Spotlight- Gudrun Johnston


Shetland Trader

Here is yet another adorable pattern by Gudrun Johnston. I actually met her at Rhinebeck!


She has lots of Twist Collective designs, and I especially love these...



I borrowed this photo from NessaRenee on Ravelry. Isn't it great?

Tanit's Jacket


So, Gudrun, you rock the house.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Featherweight Cardigan

I suppose it had to happen sometime this winter, but I have a cold. Due to this cold, I have a lot more time to knit. I've started Featherweight on my new Asciano needles, which I love. It's malabrigo laceweight on size 7 needles. Addis didn't work for me because the yarn was slipping too much. The wood on the ascianos is perfect.

Here are three of them from ravelry that I am using as inspiration. I am also taking Stefanie Japel's How to Fit Your Knits class and it is genius. I would highly recommend taking this class for any of you who want your garments to fit your body better. I call it taking control of your knitting and not relying on a pattern that may or may not be totally accurate. Check out other classes here.

Rav Link

Rav Link

Rav Link

I love the way these look with dresses. I also am definitely going to incorporate some sort of lace like middle photo. Photos to come soon. Back to knitting...

Monday, January 11, 2010

Poland Hood

Peaks Hood

Peaks Island Hood by Ysolda adjusted for Poland- no scalloped edges (long story. and by long, i mean like five hours of ripping), felt lining. My mother is going to Poland and I feel the need to keep her warm. Who goes to Poland in January?


Here is the sweater I made for her in two weeks. It's toasty, but she'll definitely need a turtleneck on under it.


A norwegian hat made of leftovers. So pretty!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Do you have any projects you'd like to share with us?

Just email me the following"

Pattern title and where you found it (book, internet)
Yarn used
Needle size used
Who you made it for
a photo

I start an online class today with Stefanie Japel of Fitted Knits and Glam Knits. I am star struck!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

A sweater in record time

I knitted a jacket for my mother in two weeks. It's a really cute pattern that was not given justice at all in the Filatura di Crosa Spring/Summer 2009 booklet.

brilla jacket

This photo is literally on the back cover of the book. Oddly enough, I think it's the nicest thing in the book.

Here is the medium size (that is probably a normal person's large) out of Merino Sei color 405.



My favorite thing about this pattern is the pleats. I've never knitted pleats before. They are basically really big cables that you bind off in the middle of. My least favorite thing about this pattern is the drastic error in yardage needed. I needed about 500 more yards than they called for. Oh well, all in the name of couture and the need to keep my mother warm on her January trip to Poland.

Friday, January 1, 2010

First Designer Spotlight...Hannah Fettig

Hannah Fettig

We all know her designs- Whisper, Featherweight Cardigan, Lightweight Pullover. She Rocks. We have all the yarn to make these sweaters.