Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Noni Rocks and photos from my weekend trip to PA


We sure did! It was a great weekend with felted bag and flower celebrity designer, Nora Bellows, or Noni, as most of you know her.



Here is Nora playing with a bunch of felted flowers.


And here is a flower/needle arrangement. I wonder how Monticello folks would like these as a centerpiece. Wouldn't this be a fabulous idea for a knitter's wedding? Hmmm. The only thing missing is a groom.

Nora's bag

Here is Nora's original Noni bag. She carries this everywhere. How incredible.

We also had lots and lots of visitors this weekend. Here is a fellow Monticello person in her new fair isle sweater.


Check out the steek...


And here is a doggie felted bag. I should make one that looks like Gansey so she will always be with me! (Not that she isn't...)

doggie bag

Here is baby Eli on the mall with another Mary creation- a crocheted ski hat. I'm on a quest to find a crocheter who can help me become an expert- do you know anyone?

Eli 2

Here is a photo of my new jitterbug socks drying on a wood stove. For some reason I think this is adorable!


Thursday, January 22, 2009

It's a Noni Party...this weekend!

Hello loyal readers! I'm sure in this cold weather you are all making lots of progress on projects. I sure am. I'm also thrilled that my accounting teacher seems to be cool with me knitting in class. I decided to take a night class at PVCC to start learning about accounting and maybe- just maybe- someday I could have some other qualifications besides speaking french, knitting, and event planning at a major historic sight. Interesting combination, huh?

The big news is that this weekend the creator of Noni will be with us. She'll be teaching a weekend class that includes a reception on Friday night. If you can't make the class, but just want to stop in and get a picture with Noni herself, please do on Saturday or Sunday afternoon. I've taken a class with her before and she's really realy talented. Her designs are so interesting- here are a few pictures.


I love this purse!


Another adorable one- love the color combination here.


Adorable pot holder.


An adorable kids jacket. Cute!

So call the shop to register. We're going to have a blast this weekend.

In other news, look at Kate's angora mittens. These just take one and a half skeins of prism angora. SO CUTE!!!



And here is Gabriele Rausse, wine maker extraordinaire, wearing a hat I made him years ago. It's nice to see that its getting use around the mountaintop:)


Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Peggy's Mountain Colors Clapotis


Peggy's Bamboo Clapotis (extra long)

Clapotis 3

Clapotis 4

As nice as this looks over a fleece, think of it over a little black dress. Nice!

And here is my new favorite accessory...that scares me in the middle of the night.


I'd like to name her. I was thinking "Skinny me." Any other suggestions?

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Holiday Knitting, check. Many more projects to go!

I finished Elijah #2 this morning and was thrilled when Nora, Charles, and baby Henry walked in the shop! Here is a play by play...


Question: Could this child be cuter? I want to knit him an entire heard of elephants. Judging by the smiles and immediately sticking it in his mouth, I'm pretty sure Henry likes it. Sweet!

Kate has a new F.O. It's called Vanilla from the Rowan New Shapes collection.


And Dianne came in with her almost finished Be Sweet Diagonal Scarf. So pretty!


Mimi is in the midst of an inventory. This means arranging yarn after it's been counted...and then possibly buying all of it after dreaming about color combinations in a yoke sweater or fair isle mittens...


This was too cute to not take a picture. Susan's son, Isaac, entertained himself while we talked about our projects. Note to self: Baskets can be used in more ways than I know of right now.


Here is a photo I took on the mall today. It was adorable!!!


More to come this week. Now that we're officially in 2009, what are you knitting for yourself?

I have a new idea- make every swatch into a tree ornament. This could take some major creativity (i.e. who needs rectangles all over their tree?) but I think I can fudge little sweaters, mittens, and purses out of a 4X4 square.