Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Lace Ribbon Scarf




Fingerless Gloves


Simple Sock


Mittens with a really cool cuff...getting more of this yarn very soon. Amazing colors!


Louise and her mom, both in handknitted sweaters.


Newly finished wrap. Gorge.


A mysterious gnome/ewok trying on her noro cardi. I couldn't resist taking this photo.


My cousin, Emma, and the Peaks Island Hood.


Heidi and her newly finished short sleeved sweater made of Shepherd Worsted.

Hope you all have some good knitting/crochet/ needlepoing time over the holiday!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Ishbel done


I have to confess I am a wimp when it comes to lace. Give me cables all day every day, I'll be fine. Lace is kind of stressful for me. I'm glad this is done and I do love it but I don't think I'll be knitting another one. Now I'm onto the snapdragon flip tops out of the same purple yarn.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

My favorite far

e's sweater 002

This was also my first sweater for myself. By some miracle, my gauge was perfect and the sweater just fits like a glove. It's the Diamonds are Forever Gansey. Those of you who know me must have just realized that I named my darling dog after this sweater pattern. Gansey is the perfect kiddo.


So, now I find myself wondering what sweater to knit next. Here is a selection of possibilities:





Can you tell I'm in a bit of a cardigan phase? Please vote for what sweater I should make next in the poll at the top of the page:)

Knit Night Tonight!!

Tonight at the Crozet Mudhouse we will be knitting and chatting. Bring your projects and come visit.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Baby Genders

Twin presents:


Yes, I know I'm missing a hat. I finished hat #2 this morning and will get it in the mail this week.

Here is the twin mama:


I predict, officially, one boy and one girl. I have a sixth sense, people.

I have been thinking a lot about how we make clothes for babies in this country. Most of my friends who are pregnant are finding out genders. I LOVE THIS. This makes me way more able to make things for the little munchkin(s). When my friends don't find out the gender before the birth, they have closets full of gender neutral colors. For yesterday's twin shower, I used a lot of yellow and green. What happens if it is two girls and those girls really want some pink in their wardrobe?

According to Vintage Knits, girls used to wear blue and boys used to wear pink. Pink was thought to be more aggressive. Then, World War I happened and the blue of the uniforms transformed baby knitting as we know it. By mid century, knitting for boys was officially blue.

But, why can girls wear blue but boys can't wear pink?

Also, there is an issue with the actual garment to knit. One would never knit a boy a february baby sweater.

So, I've made a decision. As of today, if my dear friends and/or family are going to wait until the big day to find out their baby's gender, then I'm going to wait to knit the baby's gift until he or she is born. It's only fair to the baby! (Ok, actually this is very selfish of me, and I understand that, but people it is HARD to pick out something that would look great on both a girl and a boy.)

Any comments?

Thursday, November 5, 2009

In a slump

So, after Rhinebeck, and after seeing incredible projects and yarn and roving and spinning wheels, I started to think that I have so many projects to do that I was a tad overwhelmed thinking of how it takes me two months to make a sweater and I have nine babies on the way (well, my friends do) and how can I also get christmas presents done? So, I've been slightly absent from the blog, but I do have a few finished objects that are small and made me feel a bit productive.

Here is my aunt Sharman and her new baby bamboo clapotis. I knitted it on US 6 addis and it went pretty fast. Doesn't the color look fabulous on her?

Baby Bamboo

I also made an Owl.


Not this owl, but one just like it. We have this whitknits kit at the shop. It was so fun and cute and took like two hours while watching a sad redskins game.

Speaking of owls, here is the official cutest owl ever. Caroline, the Newcomb Hall Event Planning Office mascot. As she says "Hewwww Hewwwww" (that is hoo hoo in cute three year old speak).


Also speaking of Halloween, here is Eli, the cutest Lion in the world. "Elion"


Jillian made up this pattern and will be publishing it. Maybe we can sell it in the shop. She's planning on making millions with this one, people. I don't even have kids and I'll buy it!

So, folks, my knitting slump is hopefully over as I now start the marathon baby knitting that I can't show here until after the baby showers. On Sunday though I'll post about my gifts for the twins coming in December/January. The theme for the baby room is Noah's Arc. Is that the cutest thing ever? Two by two!