Sunday, February 15, 2009

Needlepointing is officially back

We're all doing it. I'm making a picture for my kitchen.


Kate is making a pillow for her dorm room.


Marilyn is making a picture for her bedroom.


Victoria is making a picture for her house.


Will and Avery are making matching Christmas stockings.


And George has just finished a stocking for Frodo.


We had a really busy weekend at the shop. Pretty weather and Valentine's Day made for lots of folks on the mall and lots of people wanting to make things for their honeys. Kate's making a friend mittens...but not just any mittens...


Bunny Mittens!

bunny mittens

Tomorrow is the last day of the 25% off select books sale. Also, Colinette Iona has been added to the 25% off bin. It's a beautiful aran weight hand dyed yarn. We'll be at the shop for needlepoint class on Saturday at 9 am if you want to join us. Coach George is really great and I need to get on his list for painted canvases of my pets.

Happy Presidents' Day and for those of you who have the day off tomorrow, get some work done on those projects and when you're ready for another one, come on in!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Happy Birthday, Blog!

To celebrate, a bunch of recent photos. Enjoy!


An almost finished Rowan Big Wool hat.


Talk about efficiency: knitting while holding a baby.



Mimi's new Noni purse. Check out those feet!


Peggy accessorizing the knitting just perfectly.


Another Noni bag- lining and pocket included.



Mimi's almost finished needlepoint.


And yes, folks, I've succumbed to the needlepoint. George is my coach. As of now, Victoria, Marilyn, and Kate have joined the new Needle Lady Needlepointers club (there is no such club, but it sounds cute, doesn't it?) I'm reigning in Monticello folks by the car load. So far I LOVE IT. George is a great teacher and I'm already browsing the internet for Needlepoint blogs. I'm also thinking of christmas ornaments, belts, christmas stockings...

speaking of stockings, look at this Noah's arc themed stocking that George painted for a customer. It's almost done. Look at this incredible thing!

Noah's Arc