Monday, May 26, 2008

Fun-day (get it?) at the NL

Funny quote of the day

"You better have projects in mind for that yarn." -Nice guy to his girlfriend.

"Shut-up." -Girlfriend

Ha! I told them that I was putting that on the blog, so I hope they see it.

Here are some great pictures of the Prism garments we have hanging around the shop. Mimi is doing a free class on Wednesday night to work with Prism yarns with anyone who is interested. Just remember to call ahead or send an email to sign up.

5-26 008

What a pretty day on the downtown mall...

5-26 012

5-26 013

5-26 011

5-26 009

5-26 010

And other fun shots:

Marilyn and her Colinette Ab Fab Afghan...

5-26 016

Taylor (doesn't she look like a model?!) trying on the Rowan Bamboo Tape sample...and her friend is going to make it for her. How nice!

5-26 018

Me and Marilyn pricing yarn...

5-26 020

A mystery needlepoint...can you tell what it is? Leave a comment if you can!

5-26 024

Victoria's table runner out of Hempathy...her design and all:)

5-26 027

And check out this Corntastic yarn...yes, made of corn. What nice colors!

5-26 015

We'd love to have you for the Prism class on Wednesday and remember to comment if you know what the needlepoint is. Good Luck!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day! and lots of new things at the NL

We've had lots of moms in today with their kids...and a good amount of kids buying yarn for their moms! Why? Because:

Mother's Day Sign

A good story for mothers day from the Needle Lady...While we are all still on the high of the Bruce Springsteen concert last week; here is our E-Street Band---Needle Lady story.

About a year ago, this charming older woman came into the shop and was entranced by the Manos del Uruguay yarn. She picked out several of the brightest colors and said that she wanted to knit her son a sweater, and what did I think of those colors? I told her that I loved them but they were fairly bright and many men prefer darker more muted colors. She then told me that her son was a musician and loved bright colors; she said he was the drummer for a band. Maybe I had heard of them, the E-Street Band…It is a small world! And this means that the Needle Lady is officially connected to Bruce.

In honor of Max Weinberg and his mom, here is a picture of the Manos del Uruguay

5-2-08 036

See our new poll at the right side of the page...What colors do you like most?

In other fun news, our lovely in house celebrity knit wear designer (the FAB Debbie Ware) is holding a workshop on May 31st and June 1st. Here is a photo collage of the Debbie Ware items in the shop. A montage if you will...

Sweetie Striped Newborn Sweater

Bucket Hat

Sailer Sweater

Cutie Booties

Chicken Sweater

To register for Debbie's class, call the shop at 434-296-4625 or send an email. If you comment on this blog I will forward that to Mimi. I think it will be a blast.

I will end this post with a lovely picture of our new UVA window display. Go Hoos!

UVA Window

Friday, May 2, 2008

Thursday Knit Nite Photos

Camellia, almost done
5-2-08 034

Tangled yoke becomes fair isle
5-2-08 031

Leafy socks
5-2-08 037

sweater and market bag
5-2-08 038

5-2-08 039

5-2-08 040

5-2-08 041

5-2-08 042

Don't you want to come on June 5th?