Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Finished Objects and a few of my goals (note that these are not called resolutions)

First of all, a beautiful F.O. Vivian Hoxbro Shadow Knitting. Finished in record time. We were all drooling over it...




Nice photos, right?!

And we have MAJOR NEWS. Mimi is going to a computerized inventory system. Here is Rachel and a few bar codes...something that has been foreign in the N.L.


This also means we'll be closed on Monday and Tuesday (Jan 5-6). Don't worry! I'm sure you've got enough in your stash to tide you over a few days.

Here is a photo of some sweater progress using Noro Silk Garden.


This is the pattern from Classic Elite Autumn Book 2


Here is Victoria in her Jo Sharp wool sweater from Interweave Fall 08.


Here is Kate modeling Margaret's Baroness Beret made out of 2 balls of Mission Falls 1824 wool.


This pattern is a free download for ravelry users. Check out the top.


Margaret did one extra repeat of the lace to make it extra chic.

OK, finally a few "goals" for 2009. I know you're all curious :)

1. Enter my stash and books into ravelry. I have half a room full of knitting related items (it's a small room, but still) and I forget what I've got in there.

2. Knit a pair of socks every month. I didn't realize how much I love knitted socks until this winter. Here is a sad picture of my new clogs with knitted socks- two different knitted socks, mind you. I have a bit of sock knitting a.d.d.

delinquent sock knitter with GREAT new clogs!

I should probably knit the socks to match these in January. I still consider myself a sweater knitter, but this is survival of the fittest. Without warm feet, evolution might weed me out.

3. Knit a sweater for my mom. I was going to knit her a Jane Slicer-Smith but now that she is the proud owner of my Jane S.S., she needs something a bit different. We're still using Merino Sei, one of my favorite yarns ever.

4. Knit Something with a touch of fair Isle. This blog is inspiring.

5. Here is a blog by a knitter who has written a book specifically about tea cosies. These things are INCREDIBLE. It just makes me smile to think that someone likes knitting and tea so much that these works of art are created. I'm totally going to make a few...and then find tea drinkers to give them to.

5. Practice quilting with a few house items and then make a full sized quilt. Are there any quilters out there who can help me if I need it?

6. Make my cats felted beds. I dote over my dog. I make multiple stops at Pet Food Discounters every week to stock up on treats and toys for her. She has more space in my car designated to her than I do. She has freshly laundered dog bed covers. The cats clearly need some love in the form of a knitted bed. Murphy and Liffey, I know you're out there checking your facebook pages, I do love you just as much as I love Gansey.

The CBS19 news came to the shop last Saturday. I think they sped my knitting up.

Oh, one more F.O. as of five minutes ago. I just finished a pair of convertible mitts for my sister in law to match an incredible scarf from brooks brothers that my dad got her for christmas. Look how perfectly the Merino Sei matches!



Happy new year and happy knitting everyone!

Monday, December 29, 2008


Here is Vilde's Elijah...Baby Ull on size 0 dpns:

Vilde's Elijah

And here is mine...Baby Ull on size 1 dpns. My aunt saw Vilde's and fell in love, so I made her one and now I think I'll knit a few more for some adorable babies I know.


This pattern is here. It was a really quick knit- started Saturday and finished Monday morning...and now he goes in the mail for my aunt to enjoy.

In other news, I invested in a new camera. I got a Nikon D40 the day after Christmas with a supposed sale. I am scared of it! I got a book "Nikon D40 for Dummies" and I started reading last night. I'm planning on taking a class at PVCC in the Spring. I got the camera to take better pictures of yarn. Hopefully I'll learn how to use it and the blog photos will be better. I might throw in a few photos of my pets too:)

Kate's sweater is coming along nicely. Hopefully we'll have a finished object soon! Victoria is going to start a sweater for her hubby. She's also knitting this for a friend, along with multiple baby blankets:)

What are you knitting now that our holiday knits are done? Post a comment or email photos...I'd love to post some customer knits!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Not a creature was stirring...but I was knitting until the eleventh hour!

I hope you all had a merry christmas or a happy holiday with some good knitting time. I decided at the last second this year that in order to make the Redskins fans in my family a bit happier after this season, we needed hand knitted hats. There's nothing like a knitted hat for some comfort, right?

Well, here they are. The hats took about three fourths of a skein of cascade 220 in burgundy, and I've used probably half of a skein of gold. Three hats later...



The first picture is my baby brother, Will. He's seventeen but I still think of him as a toddler. The second pic is my brother, Robert, and sister-in-law, Dena. I especially like the football prop in that picture. For the guys, I did a really simple hat- cast on 90 stitches on size 7 DPNs, 2X2 rib for 1 inch and then stockinette until the hat was 8 inches tall. Then quick decreases and done. I stitched the Rs on the hats after they were done. Dena's hat is based on this one. I added a big pom pom- my first knitted pom pom ever. I think these hats will bring us luck on sunday and next season. My aunt already has requested one. Anyone else?

I also had a last minute golf club cozy that someone requested. The quickest knit ever out of Cascade 128 and size 10 DPNs.


I normally give my mom a sweater at Christmas, and this year I kinda didn't estimate enough time to make her a new one. Luckily, she loves my Jane Slicer-Smith sweater that just never looked right on me. It fits her perfectly and she's gotten tons of compliments.

mummy's sweater

mummy's sweater 2

Here is the pattern photo.


It's a surprisingly quick knit- the mitered squares do take a while but it's a really fun pattern. It's knit in Merino Sei- one of my favorite yarns ever. We have lots of colors in the shop.

Here is an adorable picture of Henry, one of Jane and Todd's twins, in his hoodie.

Henry 2

Here is Jane's Blog if you want to see how cute these kids are. Henry and Owen, such great names!

Here are my new Colinette Jitterbug socks...such gorgeous yarn and they feel so cozy.

colinette jitterbug

I received some incredible things this Christmas- thank you very much, everyone! My kitchen now has nice pots and pans and new utensils, I got some very pretty alpaca from New Jersey that I'm looking forward to knitting up into a cabled something...and I got this:

The Ganz

Yes, it's a portrait of the love of my life, Gansey the dog. My mom found this artist to paint it. She also did Robert and Dena's dog, Brooklyn.


I'll post again soon with updates. Come see us this weekend! Now that holiday knitting is done, what are you knitting for yourself?

Monday, December 8, 2008

Why do we knit?

I've knitted obsessively for five years. I was taught to knit as a child and then during an especially hard time in my early twenties I decided that I couldn't sit at home with nothing to do so I signed up for a class at our beloved Needle Lady and the rest is history.

My first scarf became a triangle due to an unfortunate accidental increase at the beginning of every row- my yarn was at the back of my needles, not the front- I always point this out to people when I teach them to knit. I love the feeling of having many projects going at the same time. I also love giving things to people. Knitting was perfect.

I'd love to hear why YOU knit. I have a theory that all knitters have something in common- whether it's an abundance of anxiety and/or a maternal instinct- I want to pin it down. Please vote in the new poll!

QUESTION: During this time of prepping for the holidays, I've been thinking a lot about the people in our town/world who are in need. If any of you are interested in making a square (12 inches on each side) with leftover yarn to be sewn into a blanket to donate to the Salvation Army, please post a comment or email me. I like to sew things together, so I will finish the blanket. If I only get a few squares, we'll donate a baby blanket. If I get a bunch of squares, we'll make a blanket for a family. I just think that this year especially people will be in need of some sympathy and warmth. Victoria, I know you're game!

Here is a little game...can you tell what Vilde is making?


here's a little more of a hint...


The answer to this game is here.

And I'll leave you with a picture of my adorable three foot tall christmas tree with several knitted items hanging from it (some from Caspari- thank you Heather!)


Saturday, December 6, 2008

You know it's December...

When lots and lots of projects are being finished in record time!

finished objects

Here I am with Eli, Jillian and Aaron's baby. This kid has a slew of handknitted items! Here is the sweater Jillian made with Noro sock yarn.



And here is Ada and her adorable hat. She was not thrilled to be a blog model, but she's too cute!


And for those of you who are new knitters, here is some inspiration. Kate has been knitting for about one month now and she's tackling cables, and now a sweater!


Here she is trying on a Debbie Bliss model we have in the store. She's had her eye on it since her first day working.


Here is the pattern photo from the Debbie Bliss book Winter Essentials.


Kate is making it out of light gray Donegal Tweed. Updates on the way!

Here is Roz in her newly finished sweater. It is fabulous!


Look at this adorable mother/daughter team from Maryland and their great handcrafted items (note hats, scarves, and bag)


Look at this great Christmas Stocking made from Prism Stuff. It's huge and fun!

Prism Xmas Stocking.

Mimi is making this for her oldest daughter. It's really coming along and it's just beautiful. Ohhh you're so lucky, those of you who aren't allergic to mohair...


Vilde successfully completed mittens number 3 and 4 for her mitten swap. Read her blog for all the details, but the good news is she made the Post War Mittens from Twist Collective just in time to get them in the mail to her swap partner. They were just gorgeous.


Here is Margaret with her Fiddlehead Mittens made from Berrocco Ultra Alpaca and lined with kid mohair.


Here is my dad wearing his Rutgers colors scarf I made him years ago. See folks, perfect holiday gift for a guy- a wide cascade 220 scarf!


Nancy in her Elsbeth Lavold angora sweater (yarn now 25% off!)


Come visit us at the shop this weekend--- you might just end up on the blog:)