Monday, April 28, 2008

Thursday Night Knitting, May 1st

Please join us at the shop from 5-8 on Thursday and bring your finished projects for the blog. I'll hopefully be wearing Camellia. I took a mini road trip with my mom and aunt this weekend, and since my mom won't let anyone else drive with her in the car, I got a serious amount of knitting done. I have officially decided that I don't like knitting lace. Margaret, I know you're mad at me now, but it's just so hard to concentrate that hard on something! It's like a math equation- if one thing is slightly off, the whole thing is wrong. I ripped out a lot of this baby, but I did make one mistake and leave it because I was just sick of ripping and I think I can make it look better by top stitching one little thing.

So, whatever you are knitting, bring it on Thursday and keep me company. We'll do a blog post on what our customers are knitting. It could be a collage...what a fun project.

I'll post pictures of my darling Camellia soon...must do some blocking.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Handknits for Babies- and come down on May 1st!

Hello everyone! I think it's officially Spring and I have been very busy making things for babies! My friend Nora had a little boy named Henry. Such a cute name! We've had lots of people coming in to make baby blankets by making little blocks and seaming them together. I don't think I'll ever cast on over 100 stitches to make a baby blanket again. The quilt like method that we're all doing is so fun and the result is adorable, as you can see with Victoria's blanket in the last post.

Here are a few pictures from Sunday. Angela taught a sock class and it was fun to see which yarn people chose. Gina picked art yarns and Holly picked Mission Falls for a boot sock. Oh to be in Maine and still be able to wear wool socks...ok, back to reality.

Here is a sweater that Angela made. I'm not sure it could even BE cuter. The flower stem is actually a cable.

Baby Ull Flower sweater

Here we have Debbie, her sister, and her best friend. They had a blast in the store. Happy Birthday Willy!
4-24 NL 004

And Angela's sock class...

4-24 NL 002

Gina's socks pre-sock class. They look pretty good to me! Check out the diagonal stripe that the artyarns neat.

Gina's socks

Remember to come see us for the knit night on May 1st. 5-8 pm, bring your project and any questions you have and knit with us!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Finished Object

Victoria's baby blanket...


Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Spring projects

Even though I love knitting with merino wool so much that I picture myself knitting all of my winter sweaters in the summer, I have found a yarn that I think I want to knit an entire summer wardrobe out of: Classic Elite Cotton Bam Boo. After a really hard month of work, I woke up last saturday with the urge to knit something beautiful for myself. I had seen this pattern and I thought "ugh, lace, I don't have the patience to do that" but then I saw it on Saturday morning and I thought "I must knit!"

Here is Camellia, by Kate Gilbert, out of the book "Make it Modern"


I've knit about half of the back so far and I've only gone through one and a half skeins. The feel is indescribable. It's soft and light and cool. Those are the only adjectives that I can think of right now. I wish you could reach through the computer moniter and feel this yarn. It has an amazing drape that I think will flatter any figure. Speaking of, it motivates me to eat well!

here is my progress so far...pictured on my parents' beautiful green grass...

bam boo camellia

Another thing I had to make the second I saw this book is this:


I knit about three fourths of it during a concert last night. It's so cute- one skein of hempathy on size 4 addis.

hempathy leaf scarf

Our local good samaritan (Victoria) is knitting an adorable baby blanket right now for charity. What an angel. It's out of cotton classic in lots of great colors. She's done a basket stitch and has calculated that it is 25,000 stitches. Doesn't that make you wish that you also used public transportation on your way to work? Less money on gas = more knitting.

notice the blue crocheted border

wreath 042

And one more of her fabulous shawl out of the new pretty.


Please let me know if you plan to make Camellia because there are two different sleeves you can choose from. Take a look at

Happy knitting and send us pictures of your projects...or better yet, come in and see us!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Pictures from Sunday

What a fun day! Here are the "Norris Knitters." They spent lots of time with us and went away with some great projects including an Ab Fab kit and yarn and needles for a Clapotis. Also, check out the Debbie Ware kit! I told them that Debbie the celeb worked with us and she was very impressed:)

Norris Knitters

And here we have a little knitting lesson with Abigail. It was very cute...

Mom teaches Abigail to knit

And Elizabeth brought in her newly finished baby sweater for a future UVA fan. It's made out of Berroco Comfort DK. Go hoos!

Comfort sweater

And finally, an homage to our lovely window display. 'Tis truly the season for babies...

Baby window

We would love for you to visit us with finished projects so we can put them on the blog.

Bon courage!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Pictures from Thursday Knit Night

Thursday night was a blast! Marilyn's welcome home (for the Needle Lady is definitely our second home) went very well. We had wine and cheese and lots of knitting talk. Of course I took lots of pictures so enjoy!

Here is Mimi's market bag out of Louet linen. I had no idea it was this big until I saw it in person...

Louet Linen Market Bag

And Susan who got a babysitter just so she could hang out. How cool! She's making a Debbie Ware Gumdrop Sweater.

Debbie Ware cardigan

And check out the Royal Bamboo clapotis. We are all coveting this yarn. It feels wonderful and could be casual or an accessory with a formal dress.

bamboo clapotis

And here is a fabulous picture. Check out the handmade attire and the knitting in progress!

Picture 010

And a picture of the group. It's a good thing we got more chairs for the shop. Thanks for hanging out, ladies!

group pic

Thursday, April 3, 2008

You know you have arrived...

when your shop is mentioned on the Mason Dixon Blog!

Thanks for stopping by, ladies! Did you see your book on our shelves?

Remember, knit night tonight. Wine, cheese, and knitting. Yum.