Sunday, September 27, 2009

Jane Slicer Smith Rocks the Party

Does anyone know what the title of this blog is referring to? Flight of the Conchords! Jemaine, if you ever read this blog (oh wait, we DID have a hit in New Zealand once!) please come visit Charlottesville. I'll take you to Monticello and Mas- two Cville staples:)

Anyways, we have had SUCH a wonderful weekend with Jane Slicer Smith. Several classes, lots of trying on Jane's garments and refitting them to all of our shapes and sizes, looking at projects that we didn't exactly feel good about to see how we can fix whatever might be wrong with them. She's SO nice, and SO smart. Take a look at this photo montage to get a glimpse of our adventures together...

My creation


Jane has a new book out, Swing Swagger Drape. Not only does it have really beautiful patterns (lots of them in the photos above) but it has a great section on size and how to fit garments to our body. It also has a photo journal of Australia at the back. Jane lives in Sydney and the book was shot down under. She is really the best teacher I've ever had. I wish I could be her personal assistant...Jane? Are you hiring? I'll fetch a diet coke whenever you like just so I can absorb some of your knowledge!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Rainy Day

It's a rainy day in Charlottesville and we've got lots of knitters in town for JSS classes. Susan B. and I will be in the shop from noon- closing today while Mimi helps with classes at the Omni. Don't you feel like starting a project for fall, especially now that it's actually chilly outside? Come down and we'll help you find that project!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Jane Slicer-Smith

This weekend we have a celebrity in town. Jane Slicer-Smith will be teaching classes and inspiring us all. I will document it all- have no fear!

Sleeves are almost done for Must Have Cardi. Also, have you seen that Ishbel has over 3000 projects on Ravelry? Congratulations to Ysolda!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Yesterday at the shop...


Stacy looks great in the Noro sweater that Marilyn made. We added a toggle button and crochet chain loop and she is good to go!


Shrug made of Noro Iroha. Fits perfectly!


Ishbel. We're all making these. Ysolda rocks. Angela made this out of Lady Blatt. We have it in these colors.



Needlepoint! I love the bright colors in this elephant. This reminds me of my multiple needlepoints that need to be finished!

I'm almost done with sleeves for the Must Have Cardi...will post when they are done!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

February Baby Sweater


Carrie did a great job on this sweater for her newborn niece. This is out of Merino Sei- potentially my favorite yarn. It's washable and comes in great colors, as you can see.

The weater is unreal in Charlottesville today. I've got an afternoon of crafting and clean up planned. Is anyone else thrilled that we've now got football to add to our craft days? Go Skins!...and for Carrie, Go Georgia!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Lightweight Pullover


Hannah Fettig, knitwear designer extraordinaire based in Portland, Maine (moment of silence, please), has yet another design out. I'm wondering if this photo is taken from Peaks Island, but that's besides the point. Buy pattern here, buy yarn (Classic Elite Fresco) at the Needle Lady. We have lots of colors and it's such a pretty yarn. I think this would be a perfect beginning of fall project.

Fresco colors

**I actually think that's Peaks in the background. This must be taken from the area in Portland where all the big oil tankers dock. Can you tell I'm homesick for my favorite little cottage?

Thursday, September 17, 2009

How to become a professional knitter
Effortless chic comes from Liz's blog. So fun. Add it to your reader because there is going to be a knits episode soon...

Effortless chic from Heritage Harvest Festival, 2009. The crafty people were out in full force.

Tonight is knit night at the NL from 5:30- 8. Come visit!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Sweet Charlotte


I love seeing my knits on the person I made them for. Little Charlotte looks so happy here. I'll try to get a better picture- Jane sent this to me this morning from her cell phone.

Will's sweater is in Missouri but he says the neck is "big." Dont know what that means, but I'll get a photo tomorrow. We might be shipping the sweater back here for me to fix.

I'm working on Sharman's clapotis tonight and then I'm going to make an Ishbel this weekend out of some Italy yarn. Apparently this is going to be one of THE rhinebeck projects this year, and since I'm going to Rhinebeck (woooooo hooooooo!!!!!!), it seems like a good time to attempt some simple lace.

Now I have to book a hotel near Rhinebeck...

Sunday, September 6, 2009

"Done and Done" -MC

Seamless Hybrid Brooks sweater by Elizabeth Zimmermann on anonymous model. Recipient- my baby brother who is at Mizzou and apparently it gets quite chilly there.



My favorite part of this sweater is the yarn: Mission Falls 1824 wool. It's SO classic and the colors are wonderful earth tones. This pattern is also totally conservative and perfect for an 18 year old kid who doesn't want anyone to notice that his sister knitted him a sweater. I think this could have come off the Anthropology rack, if I say so myself:)

Pattern from The Opinionated Knitter.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Glampyre Knits- check it out

I love this blog. I've read it for years, but Stephanie Japel is now doing video blogging and it's so fun. I think this shawl is great- a must knit. We have both of her books in the shop!

Friday, September 4, 2009


15% Storewide

25% off of all Manos del Uruquay

25% off Hanne Falkenberg kits

Why this is awesome:

a) This is the second time in Needle Lady history that the entire store has been on sale.

b) We're going to have a Hanne knit-a-long this fall. This one is my favorite.


c) The cover of Interweave Knits is a coat made of Manos


So, Needle Ladies, tt's Fall, and the first UVa football game of the season is this afternoon. Come to the shop to get a project to start during the game! Go hoos.