Saturday, October 25, 2008

Truffle Cardigan

OK, It's a record. Two posts in one day! I completely glossed over Shana's incredible Truffle Cardigan. It's an interactive pattern based on a very popular brand name store's cardigan. Shana used Classic Elite Princess from the Needle Lady!

Here she is finishing a button band in the car...

Rhinebeck 2008 138

And here is the almost finished sweater...but fab enough to wear on Sunday.

Rhinebeck 2008 153

I must make this sweater.

Rhinebeck 2008...Was I dreaming?

We've been home for four and a half days and I am still on a Rhinebeck high. I've always dreamt of going to Rhinebeck but due to my event planning job and early November Board meetings, I never thought I could go. It also just seemed so far away and just logistically impossible. I don't know why I suddenly one morning about two months ago thought "What if Vilde, Shana, and I went to Rhinebeck together?"

Well, we did it. It was incredible. I now know that I have to go back every year. Fall in New England walking through seemingly endless barns of fiber related vendors is definitely my version of heaven.

On Saturday we left Vilde's sister's place in Hunter (thank you Ive and Bob!) and arrive at Rhinebeck just after 9 am. I bound off the turtleneck on my Bonnie sweater in the car and sewed in the tail while walking from the car to the festival about making a deadline!

Rhinebeck 2008 011

and here is the "finished" sweater, ready to encounter any Twist Collective folks, and maybe anyone else wearing Bonnie? (it turns out I was the only one!)

Rhinebeck 2008 014

(notice the asymmetrical cable design...the sleeve on the right has the big cable, the other has the was pretty cool)

Here are Vilde and Shana skipping with glee towards the ticket booth...

Rhinebeck 2008 017

Vilde and Shana are spinners and Vilde, as you all know from reading this blog, has her own etsy shop with her handspun and hand dyed we spent a lot of time looking at fleeces (literally the wool shorn off the sheep and put in a plastic bag). It was really interesting. Here are a few photos...

Rhinebeck 2008 042

Look at all the colors...

Rhinebeck 2008 029

Rhinebeck 2008 028

One of the many barns

Rhinebeck 2008 030

And of course the Needle Lady booth!

Rhinebeck 2008 051

Rhinebeck 2008 048

Izzy, rockin' it on the register

Rhinebeck 2008 032

But, as many of you know, I am an amateur knitwear designer. The most exciting part of this weekend was meeting the celebrities of knitting. I set out on this trek hoping to meet Kate Gilbert, designer extraordinaire of Clapotis, Wisteria, A Cardigan for Arwen, Bird in Hand, Cammelia, Pearl Buck Swing jacket, Sunrise Circle Jacket, and countless others. Well folks, I met her, and I was star struck. I think I said "I love you." ha!

Rhinebeck 2008 123

I also met Melanie Falick of Weekend Knitting and Veronik Avery of Knitting Classic Style

Rhinebeck 2008 083

And here I am with Veronik and she is wearing her Military Cardigan. Sweet!

Rhinebeck 2008 085

Here I am with Irene, the graphic artist of Twist Collective. Seriously, check this online magazine out.

Rhinebeck 2008 121

Irene was wearing a design coming out on November 1st in the new issue. How cool to have actual flowers coming off of the cables.

Rhinebeck 2008 122

And after these major knitting celeb sightings, suddenly, in the distance, there was...(drum roll please) THE YARN HARLOT.

Rhinebeck 2008 126

Vilde is in the blue raincoat actually talking to her. I just waved in my nervous "I dont want to look like a psycho stalker" way. We were so stunned after this encounter we needed a breather. It was a good time for lunch (lamb soup for Vilde, veggie burger for E, apple pie a la mode for Shana).

And here are the Knitty chics...who wrote Big Girl Knits and Big Girl Knits 2. They were so nice and actually took a picture of me wearing my Clapotis before I got a pic of them! Ahhh what a love fest.

Rhinebeck 2008 155

And last but not least, here we are with Jess, creator of Ravelry.

Rhinebeck 2008 143

Ravelry has changed knitting forever and we are eternally grateful to her and her husband, Casey, here with Vilde.

Rhinebeck 2008 147

Honestly, if any of you readers are not on Ravelry, please do so! I will help you if you're confused. I'll be in the shop on Sunday and I can do some Ravelry tutoring. Let's say you have one skein of a random yarn and don't know what to do with it. You can log in to Ravelry and see what other people have done with it and/or sell it to someone who needs it. Ohh thank you knitting gods for giving us Ravelry.

If you want to see all of my pictures, feel free to check out my Picasa album.

And to end this post, a picture of the three of us just before we left the fairgrounds on Sunday. They were literally announcing that the festival was about to close. Tears were shed. It was a memorable weekend for all.


Wednesday, October 22, 2008

coming soon...

a full detail of Rhinebeck 2008. It was beautiful and incredible. And a miracle that I didn't come home with a border collie puppy...stay tuned for pictures!

But here is a teaser...

just before entering the grounds:

Rhinebeck 2008 020

and the first picture taken at the New York Sheep and Wool Festival...

Rhinebeck 2008 021

You know you're at a knitting mecca when there are multiple men wearing kilts, aran sweaters, and knitted socks pulled up to their knees.

Stay tuned!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Shop (and blog) Makeover!

Do you notice anything different?

The new sock display...and to think a few years ago we only had a few sock yarns!

Our new cashmere cabinet...

Margaret Fisher teaching her class based on the book Seven Things that can Make or Break a Sweater

Sample sweater on a bunny...

Knitters and their class samples

Finished Object- new cardigan!

Kate, our adorable new employee and Needle Lady in house model and our Norah Gaughan garment made of Cuzco. Isn't this so chic?!

Vilde of Vildish Knits and the new Vildish Twist and her mitten swap project...

My Bonnie sweater that I'm ALMOST done with so I can wear it at Rhinebeck this weekend! check it out at Twist Collective.DSCN2603

A top ten list of holiday gifts coming up soon!