Thursday, September 25, 2008

Well first of all, I have to correct a mistake that was in the last post. I dont know how I missed this one, but the Loppem sweater is actually not in our store! It's the Cosini sweater made out of Cuzco. Thank you to Linda for making the comment on here and thank you to Susan for clueing me in. I knew it was different, but didn't pay enough attention. Thanks!


Secondly we have a huge event this weekend. Margaret Fisher is going to be at the shop doing a class on how to finish a sweater. Seriously, all knitters need help with this aspect of a project. How many of us get to the final row and then think "i'm almost done!" when in reality, finishing should be a portion of your project that you dedicate several hours to. Many a time I've thought on Sunday afternoon "I'm wearing this to work tomorrow" and then at 11:30 that night I think "hmmm I dont think I can get this done before work."

Seven Things that can Make or Break a Sweater is Margaret's book that is well worth the price- and this class will make all of you better finishers. Check out the class page for times. Margaret also has a crochet edge class for knitters on Saturday afternoon. Also check out Margaret's vest class on Sunday. They should really be fun classes so we'd love for you to join us.

We're thrilled about the new fall and winter yarns coming into the shop. Fall is my favorite season, probably because it's when we break out our knitted garments. I'll post new stuff on here every week so you can get a flavor for what we have.

Rowan Purelife Organic Wool- Naturally Dyed


We have Rowan's new book British Sheep Breeds Collection and the patterns are so wonderful. Take a look...





We've also got this bulky Rowan Purelife and Mimi made up a hat pattern that looks great and would make perfect holiday gifts.


So, remember, Margaret Fisher- Call the shop to sign up for the classes. And to end this post, the Needle Lady moments of zen...the projects we're working on.

The mermaid outfit Susan knitted for her daughter, Stella, for Halloween. We'll get pictures, don't worry!


Marilyn's Noro jacket...


Another Susan's poncho for a 3 year old out of Comfort...


Here is little Paul in his handknit cardigan!


A beautiful needlepointed Christmas stocking that a customer brought in...


The Rowan mohair sweater that Mimi is making for her daughter...


Happy Knitting!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Norah and Noni...and a few other awesome things:)

Norah is Norah Gaughan. We love her at the Needle Lady.

Her new book: Woodland Gothic.


Doesn't that just sound cool? Like Lord of the Rings meets Elizabeth Zimmermann? Very neat title. And I know most of you got a lot of knitting done through those movies.

SO- we have two of the sweaters in the shop. Two AWESOME sweaters. Check it out...



and on our lovely needle lady model...



and here in person...the yarn is SO pretty. It's called Cuzco and we have really cool colors...


Strawberry Hill:


Unfortunately we don't have this at the shop right now, but who DOESN'T want to knit this? Come on, Susan, i KNOW you're game. This looks so fun and interesting. Only 10 people on ravelry have started this. Anyone want a challenge?

So, in short, we love this designer and have a lot of her other pattern books. She is also the author of Knitting Nature- an incredible book. It's the kind of book every knitter wants to look through before going to dream of incredible knitted garments. Wait, you don't do that? hmmm.

Noni is Nora Bellows. I just realized this post should be called Two Nora(h)s. These patterns are SO cool. She takes the felted purse and does wild stuff with it.

Huge flowers:



Fun purse shapes:





And now- clothing!


Nora Bellows WILL BE AT THE NEEDLE LADY IN JANUARY. We're really looking forward to it. Check out the classes on our website...

And one soon to be FO (finished object) for your viewing pleasure...

Kayla's cute little dress out of bamboo!


Come in and see us!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

a few pics and more to come...

Classic Elite Montera Dumpling Bag by Shari Taylor...

dumpling bag

Prism Shaped Wrap by me for a customer. Come to the shop to try on the original! It's so pretty...

shaped wrap 006

More to come soon!