Monday, April 5, 2010

All Knitted Creatures Great and Small!

The latest craze at The Needle Lady is knitting a variety of creatures. It began with Hansi Singh's new book Amigurumi Knits! These weren't ordinary knits, these were jellyfish, snails, hermit crabs--even a praying mantis.... Mary Reid took these creatures on as a challenge and created the most wonderful menagerie. Thank you Mary for the pictures---here they are.

amigurumi frog

amigurumi octopus

amigurumi hermit

amigurumi jellyfish

The book sold out quickly, but we should have more in this week.

Angela created a little family of Bunny Nuggets for Easter. These guys are Rebecca Danger's creations and she has the free pattern available for download on her site

Rebecca Danger's Bunny Nuggets

It's hard not to smile when you see these guys. What a great use of leftover yarn!

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Barb Smith said...

Mimi -- We saw you on the News Hour and cheered! Love your blog and now we are going to look over the merchandise. Wonderful to see you again, Barb Smith and Tom Hazinski