Monday, March 8, 2010

Pets continued...

Mary Jean brought in her finished cat bed--lucky cats!

Mary Jean's Cat Bed

Betsy sent in some great pet/animal photos. Here is her knitted pig--clearly alarming to her cat.

Silas with Betsy's Pig

To make matters worse, Betsy also brought in a knitted bunny to the house. I think the cat might be able to overpower the bunny.

The cat after Eva's bunny

Lori (who works in the shop on Thursdays) sent us this hysterical BBC link to a story about women in England knitting sweaters for bald chickens---yes, that's right sweaters for bald chickens.

Here is the BBC link.

** Jumpers knitted for bald chickens **
Former battery hens from Norwich that have lost their feathers are being knitted jumpers by a Somerset craft club to keep them warm. < >


Have you knit your bald chicken a sweater?

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